Saturday, 16 December 2017


I got up and put on a load of washing before having toast and tea for breakfast. As soon as we had done we got ready and went to Asda for our weekly shop. When we got back H went straight up to his pain cave for a bike ride and I hung out the washing, put all my shopping away and then I decorated my Christmas cake which I iced yesterday. I am pleased with the result but it took me ages. When H had finished his ride he had a shower and we had our lunch, a mini pizza each and a coffee. When we had done I got my washing in and we went to visit H’s brother who has left hospital and is now in a nursing home. He was sitting in a chair in the day room and had just finished his lunch. His memory is getting much worse and he doesn’t have much to say. I took him some grapes 🍇 and even though he had just eaten his lunch he tucked into them. Five minutes later he asked if he had had his dinner yet. I had put on a loaf of bread before we left so we had to get home to get it out when it wa s cooked. When we got back we had a cup of tea and then I went upstairs to ride for half an hour so I felt as if I had done a bit of exercise today. I tried really hard and did my fastest ride ever, 10.1 miles in 30 minutes. As soon as I had done I had a bath and cooked dinner. We had belly pork with potatoes, cabbage and potatoes and little chocolate pots for dessert all washed down with a glass of red wine. Now I an watching S C D finals.

Friday, 15 December 2017


I got up at 5.40 and put on a load of washing. I made a pot of tea, a bowl of porridge and had my breakfast. We had a coffee and I hung the washing out. It hadn’t been out long when the sky went black so I hurried back up the garden and brought it all in again. H went up to turbo and while he was there I iced the Christmas cake. When he was done I put my cycle shorts and vest on and had a ride myself. I rode for an hour and did 18.6 miles. As soon as I had done we both had a bath and then poached eggs on toast for lunch with a coffee. This afternoon we went round to see our daughter, their Christmas tree and their new television. The tree looks beautiful and the tele is great. I expect H will want one soon! For dinner tonight we had Scottish salmon, mushrooms,peas and jacket potatoes. For dessert it was hot bananas in maple syrup with squirty cream.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


This morning I got up at 5.30, put on a load of washing and made a mushroom and sweet pepper omelette for my breakfast. I packed a flask of bovril and 2 cheese and tomato sandwiches, a banana and a bottle of water. I made the bed, dressed etc and went to work. I had to go with Andy and pick and bunch 12 dozen bunches of carrots and 2 dozen purple ones. We also had to have 4 boxes of loose carrots. When we started at 8am it was freezing and we had to keep banging our hands and feet to try to get them warm. By the time we had finished that lot it was past 10 so we had our coffee break. After that I had to walk back to the sprouts and pick 3 and a half sacks. That warmed me up nicely. Andy picked them and me up and we had our lunch. I then had to walk back again and trim leeks. I had done 2 boxes when Andy joined me he said we had to have 5 boxes and after that 6 boxes of parsnips and a few more loose carrots. It all took till 3.30 so we just had time to wash and pack everything before I left off at 4. When I got home I had a cup of tea and a bath, I washed my hair and cooked a spaghetti bolognese for dinner. We had stewed apple again for pudding. I have to work again on Monday.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


I was awake and up first so I sat and read till I heard H moving about then I made a pot of tea and a bowl of porridge for breakfast,H had toast. We had a coffee and I put up the cards which arrived in the post. I did quite a bit of clearing up, made the bed and wrapped my last present. At 10.35 H went to his Spanish lesson and I changed shorts and a sun top to ride on the turbo trainer. I was still too hot and had to open the window. In the first hour I rode 18.7 miles but I carried on after that so I did 20 miles but slowed down after the hour. I had a quick shower and then made leek and potato soup for lunch. H arrived just as the soup was cooked. After we had finished lunch he had a message to say a parcel was waiting for him at the post office so we went to collect it and I treated us both to a peppermint aero. We had it with a small glass of wine when we got home. For dinner we are having fish pie with sprouts and carrots and for pudding stewed apple and cream. Tomorrow I have to work again. H’s brother has left hospital and is now in a local nursing home. We will wait till he has settled in and visit him on Friday.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


I was up at 6.30, put on a load of washing and had my breakfast. ( toast) We had a coffee and I hung out the washing which was really hard because the pegs were all frozen on the line and by the time I had pulled them all off and pegged out the clothes my hands were frozen. I made the bed  and we got ready to go to the City (again), it was better this time and I have managed to finish my presents. All I have to buy for Christmas now is loads of goodies to eat and drink. When we got back we had a slice of cheese on toast, a cup of coffee and a hot mince pie with squirty cream. After that I sat and finished writing my Christmas cards. They took ages because they had to have letters in. We had a small glass of red wine, then a bath. For dinner we had chicken curry and a cup of tea. Tomorrow I am going to have another ride on the turbo while H is out for his Spanish lesson. On Saturday morning we tipped the ice out of the bird bath onto the lawn, it came out in a solid lump and it’s still there and hasn’t melted a bit.

Monday, 11 December 2017


I got up at 5.55, put on a load of washing and had my breakfast, I dressed, made the bed, packed 2 cheese and cucumber sandwiches, a tomato, a banana, my bottle of water and a small flask of bovril. I wrapped up nice and warm and went to work. It was a dreadful day we were all wet and cold and kept getting stuck in the mud. By 10 am I was wet through to the skin all down one side and I was frozen. The boss then gave me a new waterproof jacket and trousers . I soon dried out and felt much better. The big problem we had was getting stuck in the mud. We almost lost our wellie boots no end of times and I am exhausted with all the energy I used just trying to walk. By 3.15 we had done everything that was needed for today, we had so much rain and hail we couldn’t get a tractor onto the land so my boss said I could go home. I hope it’s dried out a bit before I have to go again on Thursday. For dinner tonight we had burgers,mushrooms,beans,eggs and broccoli.

Sunday, 10 December 2017


I got up at 6.40, I had been awake for a while but I thought I would hang on in bed till H had made the pot of tea. It was just right when I came down. We had our breakfast, I had porridge,
H had toast. We had a coffee and I knitted a few rows before dressing and making the bed. It’s a horrible day, pouring  with rain and below freezing! Lots of places have snow and if all our rain had been snow I think we would have been snowed in!! I decided to get a bit of exercise by riding on H’s turbo. I rode for 1 hour and 32 minutes. I did 28.2 miles and managed to do 18.2 in the first hour. It’s the longest turbo ride I have done so far. I had a shower when I had done and we had our lunch, soup and a mince pie with a cup of coffee. As soon as we had finished we got ready and went to the hospital to visit H’s brother Philip. We were the only 2 visitors he had round his bed which made a nice change and we left before any others arrived. He had  others before we arrived. He seems cheerful enough but he doesn’t know how ill he is. When we got home we had a mug of tea and H went up for a bike ride and I started a new book.(The Book of Dust) by Philip Pullman. I put the meat in the oven, we are having pork for a change with cabbage, carrots and potatoes. I have made some stuffing and of course, gravy. I will be watching S C D results this evening and then the last one of I’m a celebrity. Tomorrow I have to work and I won’t be looking forward to that because I have just seen the forecast!!!