Friday, 19 January 2018


I got up at 7 and put on a load of washing and then had my breakfast. We had a coffee and I finished my book. We had another coffee and then H went up to turbo while I vacuumed all downstairs, dusted and cleaned the downstairs loo etc. I hung my washing out and got it dry, that’s two days in a row. When he had done we had cheese and biscuits with pickles plus a coffee. When we had done  I changed etc and we went to the nursing home to visit my brother in law. We were there all afternoon keeping him company. We were about to leave when H’s sister and her husband arrived so we then stayed even longer.  As soon as we got back home we had a glass of wine and watched Tipping point. When it was over I cooked dinner, we had a steak and Guinness pie, cabbage, carrots and leeks which was nice. It was minus two degrees this morning when we got up and everywhere was frosty.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


I got up at7.15 after a lousy night with a backache and headache. I put on a load of washing and when it was done I hung it out. We had toast for breakfast as usual with a cup of tea and a little later a coffee. H did some Spanish studies and at 10 am went for his Spanish lesson. I made a loaf of bread and then went up for my hours turbo session. I did 19.7 miles in the hour so did a few more seconds and made it 20 miles. After I had showered and dressed I made some vegetable soup and we had our lunch. After lunch I did a bit of gardening and filled my brown bin. I got the washing in, we had a glass of wine and then I had a bath and washed my hair before getting dinner. We had a pasta bake with onions, mushrooms, peas, carrots, and chicken. It was very tasty. Tomorrow we are off to see Philip again, I hope his antibiotics are beginning to work. He has been out of hospital for over a month now.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


I was up just after 5.30, put on a load of washing and had my breakfast. I sorted my work bag etc, made the bed, dressed and got ready to go to work. I had to pick 144 bunches of carrots first, Andy joined me  after I had done about half so we also picked 2 boxes of loose carrots before going down for our coffee break. After break I had to walk back up the field for a bag and a half of sprouts and then trim leeks. Andy joined me again later and we both went down at 12.30 for lunch. After lunch we washed everything we had done this morning ( it was freezing using the water. ). Finally we went back for more leeks and finished trimming at 3.45 so there was just enough time to wash them before it was my hometime. When I got home I had a cup of tea and a bath before cooking dinner. We had pork chops, carrots, sprouts and new potatoes. It was nice. I have come home with another headache unfortunately. Our no 2 son has gone on holiday today for a week of climbing 🧗‍♀️ I hope the weather stays blood for him.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


We both got up at 7, I put on a load of washing and we had our breakfast. I hung out the washing while H made the coffee. I read a chapter of my book and then did some clearing up while H went up to turbo. He had a good ride, a shower and then set up the bike  🚲 ready for me. We had a coffee and a bacon butty 🥪 then I changed into my cycle gear for a ride. I rode for an hour and did 18.8 miles, it was hard work as usual. H ran me a bath when I had done and then we had a cup of tea.  For dinner tonight we had a quiche with field mushrooms and cheesy tomatoes. I am not looking forward to tomorrow because I have to go to work, I haven’t been since last Wednesday so it will come very hard to me. I expect that by the time I get home I will be stiff all over. I have hard boiled 2 eggs for my lunch and I am making a salad to add to them for my lunch tomorrow.

Monday, 15 January 2018


We both got up at 7.10, I put on a load of washing and we had our breakfast. It was raining when we got up and did so for most of the rest of the day. We had a coffee and I read a couple of chapters of my book. At 9 am we got ready to go to the City. We went to Robinsons first for them to check our car after the oil incident but they could find no leeks so they couldn’t have filled it after draining it !! Next we went to Holland and Barrett for H to get a vitamin D spray and finally to the opticians for H to collect his new glasses. We went back to the car and drove to an electrical shop to buy a bulb for the standard lamp. We were home just before midday.we had a coffee and a corned beef sandwich with brown sauce followed by a hot mince pie with squirty cream. I changed into my new skirt ( a George special from Asda) and we went to the nursing home to visit Philip. They said that the Doctor had been to see him today and he has a bit of a lung infection so he is on antibiotics. He was still bright enough and we joined him for the musical workshop which we all enjoyed. When we left there  we went to our daughters so we could pick her bike up because H is going to sort it out for her. For dinner tonight we had pizza and potato wedges with yogurt for pud.

Sunday, 14 January 2018


I got up at 7.20!!! One of my latest. We had our breakfast and then a coffee. H went up right away to ride on his turbo and I emptied the dishwasher and put everything away, then began restacking it. Next I made a loaf of bread and did some clearing up. When H finished his ride he had a shower and came down for lunch. We had bacon sandwiches and an instant coffee followed by a mince pie. We both sat and read for a while then I went up to turbo for an hour while I listened to the afternoon play on radio 4. I had did a steady ride for a change and it was nice. I had a bath when I had done. We had a glass of wine and I cooked dinner. We had the last of our Christmas turkey, it was the thighs. We also had cauliflower, mashed potatoes, carrots, and sprouts with gravy. We had a huge mug of tea, H had yogurt for his pud and I had a peach. Now I am watching dancing on ice.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Saturday H

We got up at 6.20, I stripped the bed and put a load in the washing machine and I put yesterday’s into the tumble dryer because there is no dry out. We had our breakfast and went to Asda for our weekly shop. When we got in the car and turned it on a warning light came on it was an oil can. We reversed out of the drive and then checked it for oilthere was none. We went to Asda, parked on a level spot and when the engine had cooled H checked the dip stick, empty!!! We had our M O T on Tuesday so they must have drained it and then not refilled it! We are not happy. We have to go back Monday so that’s more of our time waisted! After I had unpacked my shopping I took the washing out of the t/d then the washing out of the washing machine and put it into the dryer and did a second load. We had a coffee and a cream bun and H put my seat onto the turbo trainer ready for me to have a ride. I decided to do an hour this afternoon while the play was on radio 4 so I could listen and pedal. In the hour I managed to ride 20.6 miles, I am pleased with that my last fastest before was 20.1 so I am getting better. We had a cheese sandwich and an instant coffee for lunch. I ironed the sheets and pillows cases and put the bed back together after my bath and H opened the wine so it could breath. We watched a film he had recorded ( Captain Philips ) and then I cooked dinner, lasagne with peas. H had a yogurt for his pud and I had a peach.