Thursday, 22 March 2018

Thursday. The day before my daughters birthday!!!

I got up at 6.30 and we had our breakfast. I had porridge and H had toast. We had a coffee and H sat and studied Spanish before leaving at 9.30 for his lesson. I then put my cycle gear on and went to the pain cave to turbo. I was about half way through when the phone rang, it was no 1 son. He was just checking the time etc of his uncles funeral next week and what time we are picking him and his wife up. We had a nice chat and when we had done I carried on with my ride. I did 26.4 miles. I had a quick shower and H got home again. We had cheese and biscuits for lunch with a coffee and then we spent all afternoon playing scrabble. It was fine by me because I had had my exercise. We had pasta and chicken for dinner in a white sauce and added onion, broccoli, carrot, mushrooms and green beans. Tonight is a nice night for me on tv, all my rubbish soaps one after the other. No 2 son has arrived in Greece and has spent the day climbing so he is happy.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


I got up at 6 and had my breakfast then we had a coffee. I carried loads more things down to put back into the sideboard and dusted. H loaded the car with carpet and underlay and we got ready to go to the dump to get rid of it. We then went to Fakenham to get a few things we needed and had a coffee. H said he would buy me lunch so we looked at the menu and H decided on steak and onion pie with chips and peas. I said I would like the liver and bacon in onion gravy with mashed  potato and veg. He then went to order it and when it arrived it was 2 plates of puff pastry steak pies, chips and peas. I said I didn’t order that and H said yes that was what he had asked for!!! From leaving our table and walking to the counter he had forgotten what I had asked for!! If I want anything done right in future I will have to do it myself! It was nice and I enjoyed it but as I am trying to loose a bit of weight I didn’t want the pastry or the chips. For tea we just had a toasted hot cross bun, a cup of tea and a yogurt. I also had an orange. When we got home I had to dust again, I don’t know where it’s all coming from but I suppose it will settle down in the end.
The day after tomorrow it’s our lovely Daughters birthday, she will be 51!!! 😄

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Carpet day.

We got up at 6, I put on a load of washing and we both had toast for breakfast. As soon as we had done we laid a piece of carpet on the lawn to put the settee and snuggler chair on. I hung out the washing and we took up all the underlay and vacuumed all the floors. All our floors and stairs were bare and clean and at 8.30 the carpet fitters turned up. They did an amazing job and we are really pleased with it all. They were finished before midday and and we had our lunch, brought the furniture back in( we were so lucky it was dry and sunny after all the rubbish weather we have had lately. ) we reassembled the dining table and the coffee table, carried  all the chairs down etc etc. It took most of the afternoon, H put all the doors back on that we had to take off and we had a cup of tea and a biscuit. Everywhere is still a mess upstairs because we have all the things that were in our cupboards laying about waiting for the new sideboards. I have put everything in the dining room sideboard that we had to take out so we could move it so it’s better than it was. We are both worn out. We had a bath then dinner, fish pie and peas. We have cut all the old carpet and the underlay up quite small and put it in the car ready to take to the dump tomorrow.

Monday, 19 March 2018


I slept till 7, it was great. I had 2 slices of corned beef for breakfast, put on a load of washing and had a coffee. As soon as I was dressed we cut our lounge carpet and lifted it, rolled it up and put it into the garage. We were so pleased with ourselves 😊. We also found that when we take all the cushions off the sofa we can lift it quite easily so tomorrow when the carpet men come our rooms will be empty. At 10 I went to the pain cave and rode for an hour. H rode next and we had a bath. For lunch we had poached eggs on toast with a coffee. I finished the second headband and sew them both up.
My boss rang to say there is still no work, the rhubarb isn’t growing and nor are the leeks. We can’t plant the broad beans yet etc etc.He says he will speak to me again after Easter. For dinner tonight we had pork slices, green beans, carrots sprouts and potatoes.

Sunday, 18 March 2018


I got up at 5.50 after a good nights sleep for a change. I put on a load of washing and then just sat and knitted till H came down. We had our breakfast, H had toast and I had porridge. Next we had a coffee, I hung out the washing and knitted again till it was almost time for the Archers omnibus when I went up and did an hour and a quarter on the bike while I was listened to it. When I finished we had a hot cross bun, toasted and buttered with a coffee. I knitted again, got my washing in dry and we had a cup of tea. We watched a cycle race (women), I had a bath and washed my hair then we had dinner. We had pizza and salad with yogurt for pud. It was an M&S pizza that our daughter told us about and is was really yummy 😋. H thought I had given him far too much but he ate it all and could have eaten more, it went well with the salad but would be just as good with chips. I finished one of the head bands I am knitting and have done 2 thirds of the second one. If I had to I could finish it today but I will finish it tomorrow and sew them both up. My boss is supposed to ring tomorrow to tell me if he will need me this week or not. I hope it’s not!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2018


H woke me up at 6.35 we had both overslept! We had our breakfast and I dressed ready to go to Asda. I told H I would go on my own because we were late and it would be a mad rush for him to get back in time to ride his race. I didn’t leave till 7.30 and I took my time with my shopping. When I finished asda I went to M & S for some bits and pieces. When I got home H was on the starting line, so it’s a good job he didn’t come with me. I unpacked and put everything away and had an instant coffee. After it stopped snowing I hung out my washing. I carried more of my things upstairs ready for Tuesday and the carpet fitting. 2 tables a lamp foot stool plants etc etc. When H finished we had cheese on toast for lunch and he made us a proper coffee. This afternoon we took the underlay up in the dining room and watched a cycle race, Mark Cavendish crashed out again!! For dinner tonight we had paella and potato wedges. No 2 son sent me 2 balls of wool so I can knit 2 more headbands for 2 of his friends. I have cast the first one on so I will start knitting tomorrow. I am looking forward to it because I haven’t done any knitting since Christmas.

Friday, 16 March 2018


I got up at 6.30, H was up and had made the tea. I was going to have porridge but he had already cut me off a slice of bread so I had toast. We had a coffee and then we bagged up a load of carpet and underlay to take to a rubbish tip. We filled the boot and the back of the car, had a coffee and went to the tip. It was on the way to Fakenham so next we went there and had a coffee. We did a bit of shopping and went to enquire about our furniture that’s on order. It’s not yet  arrived but should be by next Friday. So I will ring them then and arrange a delivery date. H bought a non slip shower mat because he almost slipped over yesterday!! We had lunch while we were out, H had a chicken baguette with melted cheese and side salad and I had a prawn mayo jacket potato with a side salad then we both had a toffee flavoured ice cream sundaes. When we got home we had a shower(H tried out his mat) and for tea we had a toasted hot cross bun and a yogurt with a cup of tea. We have had quite a nice day.